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STEP 1 > Choose Your Favorites > Dry or Soup



Beef Stew​ / 紅燒牛肉 -- $15.99

Beef stew with broccoli, green onion / Cal. 570


I'm Vegetarian / 健康素菜 -- $12.99

Noodles with broccoli, corn, bean sprout

and green onion / Cal. 485

Meat Paste / 秘製炸醬 -- 13.99

​Pork meat sauce cooked with sweet soy paste, topped with corn, carrot, green onion and cucumber

(Dry Only) / Cal. 460

Curry & Chicken / 咖喱雞排 -- 15.99

Fried chicken breast with curry, coconut milk, shallot, broccoli and green onion (Dry only) / Cal. 550

Cumin Lamb​​ / 孜然羊肉 -- $15.99

Sautéed spicy cumin lamb, onions, jalapeños and

broccoli / Cal. 560

Spicy & Sour / 酸爽臊子 -- $13.99

S​picy and sour diced pork, with potato, carrot, corns, green onion / Cal. 480

Pickled Veg & Pork / 酸菜肉絲 -- $13.99

​Sautéed pork meat with pickled vegetable and green onion / Cal. 440

Sizzling Garlic / 飄香油潑 -- $12.99

Noodles ​topped with sesame, mashed garlic,

ginger, bean sprouts and broccoli seared with hot vegetable oil

(Dry Only / optional pork) /

Cal. 375

STEP 2 > Choose Your Noodle

Ramen / 拉麵

​Fresh made Ramen 

Biang Biang Noodles / 扯麵​​

​Fresh ​wide hand-ripped noodles 

STEP 3 Choose Your Spicy Level

Not Spicy



STEP 4 Add your Optional Toppings

Spiced Egg -- $1.99

Shredded Pork -- $1.99

Pickled Veggie -- $1.99

Beef Stew -- $5.99

Brocolli -- $1.99


Dumplings​(Boiled/Fried)  / 紅油抄手 -- $5.99

​Boiled or Fried dumplings with vinegar and chili oil / Cal. 229

Curry Fishball / 咖喱魚蛋 -- $4.49

Fishball cooked with curry and other spices / Cal. 103

Fried chicken Breast / 酥炸雞排 -- $5.99

Fried chicken breast with salted pepper & dipping sauce / Cal. 210



Sweet Potato Fries / 酥炸甜薯 -- $4.49

Potato Fries with Chinese spice  / Cal. 200

Cucumber Salad​ 涼拍黃瓜 -- $5.99

Persian cucumbers cut and smashed, tossed in black vinegar, garlic, and chili oil / Cal. 45



Our Story 


The Passion for Noodle

There is a story behind every person, and perhaps even noodles! Our story is about a financial consultant, a software engineer and noodles.


Eric and Carlos met in university. They shared the same enthusiasm for Chinese noodles. After graduation, Eric became a financial consultant and Carlos was a software engineer in Silicon Valley. 6 years later, they were brought together again by the same enthusiasm for noodles. This time, they decided to take their interest to the next level.


So they embarked on a long journey to China, walked through cities, searching for the most authentic and representative noodles with culture and history. As soon as they returned to the States, the pair began their relentless pursuit of perfection for the noodle recipes they discovered in China. For them, this is only the beginning of an adventure wherein they will bring to the world the delicacy and wisdom contained in each strand of Chinese noodles.

This is the story of Noodleosophy—one about noodles and two young people’s pursuit of dreams.

Join Us

Why Work for Noodleosophy?

Highest compensation in the industry


Great opportunity to learn and get big with a strong, growing company

affordable and comprehensive health insurance


Best benefits and instant bonuses


Currently hiring culinary associate and hospitality associate


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San Mateo

41 E. 4th Ave.

San Mateo, CA 94401

Tel: 650 - 376 - 3927

To-go / Take Out / Outdoor Dining

Tue Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat / Sun

11:30AM – 08:15PM 


10445 S De Anza Blvd STE #102

Cupertino, CA 95014

Tel: 408 - 564 - 5279

To-go / Take Out / Outdoor Dining

Tue Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat / Sun

11:30AM – 08:15PM 

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